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Forked King offers a Chess Video Membership to 50+ On-Line Chess Videos for $9.97 per MONTH! This is our best buy. These Chess Videos demonstrate and explain Chess Openings, Middle Ganes and Endgames. Every Aspect of Chess is thoroughly described and you will IMPROVE your Chess game IMMEDIATELY. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Please know we add 2 Chess Lessons per week. 

Our Chess Videos contain quality Chess teaching about every part of Chess. See the list of Chess Videos that will help to improve your entire Chess game. Chess Openings, Middlegames, and endgames are thoroughly analyzed and discussed. The entire Chess Video Membership videos are available to view individually. 
Our DvDs contain 45 excellent chess lessons for the person who wants to improve. These Chess DvDs has been viewed and sold many times. They are Great for your Chess Library, and have been viewed by Children and Adults. These Chess DVDs contains Chess knowledge that helps you win Chess Tournaments. Easy to learn, and will help you Get Better at Chess. Watch our Chess Videos today! Please know the Chess Video Membership has more Chess Lessons than the DVDs. 
Please feel free to enjoy a FREE Chess Lesson where Bernard shares Tactics by Bobby Fisher and Wolfgange Unzicker in a very formidable game. You will see the important principles of Chess discussed and everyone can learn something from this FREE CHESS LESSON as well as every other Chess Video. 

  • Bernard: I just finished volumes 1-10. This is by far the best money I have ever spent on a chess product.]

  • Hey Bernard, I recently bought your Chess Dvds 1-10. Great Stuff, I will never be on your level but would like to try.
    I might like to buy everything you have to teach. So, let me know what that is, and how I go about getting it.
    Scott, NH February

  • Thank you! I have viewed the majority of the Get Better At Chess DVDs and my Chess game has improved! Thanks again! David – September

  • Mr Bernard Baker is an excellent coach, and we purchased these Chess dvds. He taught my kids Chess through their elementary and middle school level. He is very good at teaching new Chess openings and new concepts. He explains why each chess piece move is good or bad. He teaches them challenging games of international level. Our kids won several Chess medals, team trophies and state rank. They also played a national tournament in Atlanta and competed locally for several years. He has made Chess DVDs of his Chess teachings too that kids and adults can watch repeatedly to strength their Chess games. We recommend him undoubtedly. He has been our school Chess coach for the past decade. September

  • Hi Bernard , received you DVDs last week and absolutely love them so far, as well as you teaching style !
    I like how you repeat the main points over and over again. Rooks belong on open files !
    Any new videos planned in the future ?
    Thank You,

  • Thanks for the Great Chess DVDs! I watched and won the tournament at my Chess Club! Bryan March

    Thank You for prompt shipment! Good content in the DVDS!]

  • You are my Chess Angel! March

    Very nice Chess DVDs and delivery. Prompt and Easy. Thank you. April

  • Bernard Baker is a great chess teacher. Excellent Chess lessons. Thank-you robert March

  • You and your Chess Videos are the best Mr. Baker. I appreciate what you have taught me and my son. We have both seriously improved in Chess. Thank you again!

  • Mr. Bernard Baker has taught in our school for 10 years. He has helped our school in Charlotte, NC win over 40 Chess Trophies. He is  is a great chess instructor. He likes Chess, but he cares about the people. Thank you again Mr. Baker.

  • Mr. Bernard, I wanted the “Best Chess Teacher” for my son: I chose you. Thank you!

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