Playing National Master Chris Mabe at the Charlotte Chess Club

Forked King teaches people to play Chess. We create and distribute Chess Lessons (45 Chess Lessons on 10 Chess DVDs) that are designed for beginners through intermediate Chess Players. Our Chess Videos are for people that know how to play,  and for the Chess player that is attempting to improve his or her chess game. And our NEW PREMEIRE MEMBERSHIP is available with 50+ Chess Videos and we add 2 new Chess Videos per week.

What’s great about our Get Better at Chess Lessons is that of the content. In detail each Chess Lesson is described and explained in a way that children can understand, but will elevate even the adult players Chess game. We have sold them in every state, and even in the UK, and have not yet had one complaint. ADULTS AND CHILDREN HAVE BENEFITED FROM OUR CHESS VIDEOS. 

Our  Chess Instructor (s) teach in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC, and provide Chess Instruction to thousands of children and adults each year.

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Bernard Baker

President, Forked King, Inc.