Chess Instructions

Learn Chess Opening Principles & the Caro Kann

This Chess video contains important Chess Opening information, Middle game & Endgame Chess Tactics & thought processes.

Learn to Play the Colle System (Zukertort Variation)

Learn the proper way to play d4 in the Colle System. You will improve your understanding of Chess quickly.

See How to Attack Along The H File

Learn how to recognize Chessboard patterns, use the files and ranks correctly, and use the powerful Chess pieces together.

How to Use Your Pawns To Attack Your Opponents King

How to Use Pawns to Attack Your Opponents King - This lesson provides Chess instruction on controlling the important

Chess Opening Principles Mating Puzzles Tutorial

Through practice, Basketball players make foul shots all day long! As Chess enthusiasts, Pattern Recognition.

Double Attacks

Double Attacks - This Chess video teaches strategic Chess instruction about how to double attack your opponent.

Zukertort Variation of the Colle System

This Chess video contains important Chess Opening information, Middle game Tactics, as well as Endgame thought processes.

Sacrificing To Gain An Advantage

Sacrificing to Create an Advantage - Bernard Baker describes and demonstrates the logic behind sacrificing Chess pieces


Space in Chess is very important. Whoever controls the space controls the chessboard. Bernard explains the importance

King’s Indian Attack Introduced

The King’s Indian Attack Opening is good for all levels of play, (for beginners thru National Mastership).

King’s Indian vs. The Sicilian Defense

his Chess Lesson provides a continuation of how to play the King’s Indian Attack. This video describes how

King’s Indian Attack vs. a Non-Standard Opening

When playing a good player, you must open the Chess game correctly. If you don’t, you provide your opponent

King's Indian Vs the Dutch Defense

E4 Vs the Dutch Defense - Though this lesson provides Chess Strategies related to that of the KIA,

How to Analyze your Chess Game

How to Analyze your Chess Game - This is a critical skill that all good Chess players have learned.

How to Analyze your Chess Game Part II

This Chess lesson provides an enriched look at how to understand your Chess position, while in a good Chess game.

The Dutch Defense

Take an enriched look at one of the most aggressive defenses that Black can play. 1. d4 2.


This video teaches how to play the King's Indian Defense by analyzing an excellent game where the Chess opening was played. This Chess instruction will teach you how to play the KIA and what's important about it.

Kan Variation of the Sicilian Defense

The Kan is an effective defensive Sicilian defense. I have played it many, many times. This is in contrast to many other

The King’s Gambit

The King’s Gambit - The “Immortal Game” was played by Adolf Anderson and Lionel Kieseritzky in London,

Reti vs. Tartakower 1910

This famous game is a miniature variation of the Caro-kann Defense played by Richard Reti.

Samisch vs. Nimzovich 1923

This famous game exemplifies the idea of Zugzwang (German – “I don’t have a good move”).

Samisch Variation vs. the King’s Indian Defense

This Chess Lesson presents two examples of the Samisch Variation vs. the King’s Indian Defense.

Fundamental Chess Openings Principles

This Chess Video is geared for beginner Chess through intermediate Chess players. It describes key rules,

Samisch vs. Grandmaster Nimzovich 1923

Complete move by move Chess analysis and instruction of the Grand Prix Attack, which is a fine alternative

Taminov Variation of the Sicilian Defense

When playing a good player, you must open the Chess game correctly. If you don’t, you provide your opponent

King’s Indian Defense

This is an introduction to the King’s Indian Defense. (KID is one of the strongest defenses that can be played

Rook-King Checkmate

An accurate demonstration of how to employ Chess Principles necessary to Checkmate your opponent with a King

Learn Chess Tactics

A comprehensive view of Class A Level Chess with move-by-move analysis. Examples include how to use Open files

Outpositioning your Opponent

The importance of developing ALL of your pieces prior to attacking your opponent is illustrated in this Chess video.

How to Use Pawns Well - Pawn Structure

This monologue explains how to create, recognize, and convert a pawn majority vs. a pawn minority

The Latvian Gambit

This wild and crazy but fun opening has been labeled everything from powerful to unsound, but..

The Nimzovich Defense

A fine alternative for playing against E4 is evaluated, and commented on. This game is played

Trading a Queen for Lesser Pieces is not ..

This entry was played by National Master Daniel Tapia, and provides us a view at how to win

Pins, Skewers and Open Files

This Chess lesson offers a very complete and thorough analysis of the Dutch Defense. It contains

The Power of the Pin

Here, we instruct on the different kinds of Pins, how they work, and how to maximize your winning

Middlegame Tactics II

This lesson demonstrates how the center of the Chessboard (focal point of the Chess Opening)

The London System

In this system, the center of the chessboard is battled over, and white provides a clear exhibition of how to destroy

Larson’s Opening

This Chess video provides demonstration of the Chess Strategy (Chess Opening) called “Larson’s Opening”.

Endgame Exercises

This Chess lesson is geared toward beginners as it clearly explains how to checkmate an opposing King with just a Rook

Checkmate Study with a Variety of Piece...

This Chess video discusses Checkmate with all the pieces. This low level and short Chess Lesson helps beginners

King Pawn Endgame

This short Chess Video provides an endgame study that shows how to win with just a King and a pawn

Smith-Morra Gambit vs. Sicilian

Here, Chess Instructor Bernard Baker reviews a variety of Chess Tactics used in the Smith-Morra Gambit,

Opening Transposition

This is a general discussion around adjusting the order of Chess moves for an opening allowing the flexibility

Game Analysis - Unzicker vs Bobby Fisher 1960

Watch and learn how to Wolfgange Unzicker beat Bobby Fisher. Learn how to rapidly develop your pieces effectively.

CheckMate Puzzles

Mating Puzzles - Through practice, Basketball players make foul shots all day long! As Chess enthusiasts,

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