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Chess DVDs & Chess Videos - Gautham Wins 1st Place!!

Always proud of Gauthum (Student of Forked King).. He is a great player that works hard. He deserves another victory.

Enjoy Chess Tournament Training in the Privacy of Your Own Home. 

Our Chess Instruction is currently assisting many children and adults in learning Chess. Since we teach Chess in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools, our Chess lessons are geared for the improving Tournament Player  or anyone that desires to improve. 

Our Chess Lessons are great for children, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults that desire to get better at Chess.

If you or your children are interested in attending any Scholastic Chess Tournament, please know that these Chess Lessons will help you improve your understanding of Chess Openings, Chess MiddleGames, and Chess Engames. They will help you get to the next level, and learn Chess.

Please know – MANY of our students play in Scholastic Chess Tournaments, and have FINISHED AS HIGH AS 1ST PLACE in the US!! AND, IF YOU CAN PLAY SCHOLASTIC CHESS, YOU CAN PLAY CHESS EFFECTIVELY WITH ANYONE, ANYWHERE!!

We are very proud that we have sold these Get Better at Chess Lessons around the US, the UK, Australia, Belgium, Spain, etc., and have never had one complaint. We are also proud and thankful that many are still improving at Chess, and playing stronger Chess in Chess Tournaments. Please considering viewing our Chess Lessons on line at /chess-videos.

Get Better At Chess DVD - Volumes 1 - 10 | 45 Chess Lessons  | 10 DVD
Get Better At Chess DVD - Volumes 1 - 10 | 45 Chess Lessons | 10 DVD
As a Special Offer, Get Better at Chess Lessons / Chess DVDs – 10 Chess DVDs (45 Chess Lessons w/ FREE SHIPPING!) Everyone Can Learn Something From These Chess DVDS for $49! These Chess Videos provide Quality Chess Instruction for a reasonable price. Our Get Better at Chess DVDs have been helping kids & adults improve their Chess games for years and are easy to understand Quality Chess lessons for you. These were designed to assist the novice thru Class B player to get better at Chess. The Chess lessons are described with move by move instructions. Every aspect of Chess is discussed on our Get Better at Chess DVDs are as follows: Chess Openings & Strategies, Chess Middle Games, Chess Endgames, Chess Strategy, Chess Defense, Pawn Structure, Isolated Pawns, Backward Pawns , Passed Pawns, Creating an Advantage, Generating Imbalances, Overloading, Fianchetto, How to Destroy a Fianchetto (Pillsbury Breakthrough), How to correctly use the Files, Ranks, & Diagonals, The different parts of a Chess game, & Chess principles to apply during that part of the game, How to use your Chess pieces in concert with each other, Good Bishops & Bad Bishops, the “Mini-Queen”, Good Knight vs Bad Bishop, Endgames, How to play Championship Chess, The Samisch Opening, The Reti Opening, The English Opening, The Caro-Kann Defense, Kings Indian Attack, Kings Indian Defense, Dutch Defense, The Bird, Colle System, The Zukertort Variation of the Colle System, Larson’s Opening, French Defense ,King’s Gambit, Queens Gambit, Nimzo Indian Defense, The Modern Opening, e4, d4, Transposition, Gambits Accepted, Gambits Declined, Zugzwang, Candidate Moves, Grandmaster Games Analysis, Quality Chess Instruction, and much, more! They teach Chess Tactics, & help Kids & Adults improve their Chess games. Videos contain both beginner chess tactics through intermediate level Chess Tactics. Our Instructor has beaten Expert Chess Players & shares the techniques that were used to do so. Order Yours Today!
Price: $89.00
Price: $49.00

Use them to prepare for upcoming Scholastic Chess Tournaments.