Get Better at Chess Video – Unzicker vs. Bobby FIsher, 1960 Game Analysis

Chess Lesson – Improve Your Chess Game

Enjoy and Get Better at Chess with this Chess video. It contains important Chess information on Opening Principles, Middle game Tactics, and many other Chess Tactics. See how the Grandmaster play and improve your game at the same time.

If you know how the Chess pieces move and want to be a stronger player, enjoy this Chess Game Analysis to get better. Or, if you have children that are interested in Chess, please know our Chess lessons are good for adults and children that are interested in improving. Our Get better at Chess lessons and DVDs have helped many adults and scholastic players. We teach every aspect of Chess and believe it is s very healthy form of entertainment for people around the world to enjoy. Therefore, please feel free to enjoy your Free Chess Video.

(This Chess Video is 20 minutes long)

Get Better at Chess Video - Game Analysis - Unzicker vs Bobby Fisher 1960
Get Better at Chess Video - Game Analysis - Unzicker vs Bobby Fisher 1960
Watch and learn how to Wolfgange Unzicker beat Bobby Fisher. Learn how to rapidly develop your pieces effectively. Though Bobby Fisher makes a mistake in this Sicilian Defense, Wolfgang Unzicker plays beautiful and takes advantage of his strengths. Chess is a game of strengths and weaknesses. Learn to force your opponent to make mistakes and how to capitalize. Enjoy this Chess Lesson.
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Price: $4.99
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